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operational benefits of gas seal

Operational benefits


If you're going to do a job, do it once and do it right..!  Landfill site operators have numerous issues to deal with as a consequence of failing Bentonite seals...

Odour issues resulting in complaints from local residents; reduced gas yields due to air ingress / gas egress from gas wells (with complaints from the incumbent gas generation companies as a result) and lastly, reduced royalty payments as less electricity is generated.


MSG Gas Seal System is not just a seal; it’s your friend… your problem solver..!


The MSG Gas Seal System solves the problem of poorly installed, faulty or leaking Bentonite seals and takes those issues away… giving site managers and their staff more time to get on with their jobs


The MSG Gas Shield System:

  • Gives a longer lasting and more effective seal to protect against gas migration / air ingress
  • Reduces (and in some cases completely removes) the requirement for ongoing seal maintenance
  • Increases customer royalties / revenue due to improved gas quantity & quality for waste to energy generation plants
  • Greatly improved compliance with regards to gas migration and odour issues