Financial benefits

 The financial benefits are huge!!!

There are some landfill sites where failing Bentonite seals are being replaced every 3 months, and in some cases, more often..! It is hard to imagine the amount of money wasted on the cost of digging out old and failing Bentonite seals and replacing them every month… but there is a solution..!


Trials have shown our well sealing systems typically outperform standard Bentonite seals by as much as 23 months (and they are still going strong).

One of the trials was conducted on an active landfill site in theNorth West. The new MSG Gas Shield system installed to this well resulted in gas being produced from a chamber where hitherto gas had not been extracted for over six years..!

Increased gas yields result in more power being generated with an obvious increase in revenue.

An added benefit is that monitoring staff & site management personnel waste less time in dealing with the effects of failing well seals; such as organising contractors to replace faulty seals & dealing with odour complaints from the Environment Agency and/or local residents.