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Tarmac Walley's Quarry landflii site

The team at MSG Environmental Services Ltd has asked me to provide a reference for their work, and from the experience I've had I am more than happy to do that for them.

I would therefore like to confirm that we have been more than happy with the service and results we have had from MSG Environmental Services and their "Gas Shield" system.

Here at Tarmac Walley's Quarry landfill site we have had numerous issues with high oxygen levels in two Leachate towers due to failed Bentonite seals. We were constantly digging the seals up and replacing them around these two chambers, (as well as other gas wells on site) in order to lower the oxygen levels in the Leachate towers. Costs to dig them out and replace them were starting to mount up.

We had MSG come to site and install MSG Gas Shields to two 1000m diameter FCC chambers. Since the seals were installed, the Oxygen levels have stayed at a constant 0.2 % and gas yields have improved massively. Another benefit is the fact that MSG guarantees each seal's integrity for 12 months, although the seals have now been in since 18th August 2015 and are still going strong, so I have no worries on that score.

It is true that the MSG Gas Shield are a little more expensive than installing traditional Bentonite-only seals, but I think that you get what you pay for in this life and we have already saved money by not having to constantly dig failing seals out and replace them.

Paul Avies - Site operations Manager.

Operational Landfill site in Fleetwood

The gas to energy provider based on this site was unable to extract gas from this problem chamber for over 6 years...



However, thanks to the new MSG Gas Shield System, the chamber no longer suffers from air ingress and gas is now of a higher quality. The 1.0 metre diameter chamber is now contributing to the site’s generation output, thus providing much needed additional revenue.



…And all thanks to our unique sealing system..!


picture of msg gas seal after installation
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