MSG Environmental Services

About us

About us

The MSG Gas Sheild is the new gas well sealing system from MSG Environmental Services. Created specifically for landfill gas applications, it addresses the issue of poorly installed and failing Bentonite seals and provides a longer lasting, more robust and reliable seal.

Our Founders

MSG Environmental Services was founded by two companies;

SGG Environmental Services Ltd – based on the Wirral and specialising in the manufacture, installation & maintenance of pneumatic pumps/pumping systems, specialist Polyethylene fabrications and the installation of gas collection systems




REM Services (Rochdale Electro-Mechanical Services Ltd) – based North of Manchester and  specialising in electric pumps/pumping systems, leachate pipe & valve infrastructure, PLC’s / telemetry & pump control panels and the installation of gas collection systems


Both companies are leading players in the UK landfill industry, and have collaborated on a number of projects over the years.


The directors have been friends for many years, and MSG Environmental Services is the brainchild of their combined expertise in chamber sealing.


As a result, the MSG Gas Seal provides (and continues to further develop) a first class sealing product.

Authorised Installers

Currently, SGG and REM Services are the only contractors authorised to install the MSG Gas Shield system.


Contractors wishing to be considered to become MSG Gas Shield installers should contact us for more information.

For more information on the authorised installers click on the links below